About Me, DrSlouch:

i'm a [born in june 1991]* artist from florida. i primarily work in pixel art, but i also draw and have begun dabbling in 3D modeling with Blender as of mid-2020. i'm a furry, trans (nonbinary transfem, pronouns she/they), and bi. i also have some basic programming skills (from using Game Maker) and music composition skills, though I am definitely not up to the task of, say, making a good entire soundtrack or something. i'm obviously very into 90s aesthetics and Web 1.0. i also liked Hypnospace Outlaw a lot. i have a cat named Olive. you can find a page with photos of her on here if you look in secret places. i play fighting games competitively sometimes. i have won a few small online beginner tournaments and gotten out of pools at an offline major twice. i also like teaching people the things i'm enthusiastic about (often pixel art and fighting games). it's fun to help people grow and learn

* it became annoying to update my age so i just put my birth year. you do the math

also i'm gay i'm gay i'm gay i love being trans and gay and a furry. waves to other furry tgirls in the audience

About my Fursona:

here's her reference sheet:

i will eventually have more art of her. i'm very happy with how she came out tbh :3

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