About Me, DrSlouch:

you're likely on this site because you clicked a link on social media or you know me and i linked it to you, so this won't be helpful to you. but for those who end up here and don't know me:

i'm a 29-year-old artist from florida. i primarily work in pixel art, but i also do more conventional drawing (it's awkward to try to refer to "non-pixel art") and have begun dabbling in 3D modeling with Blender as of mid-2020. i also have some basic programming skills (from using Game Maker) and music composition skills, though I am definitely not up to the task of, say, making a good entire soundtrack or something. i'm obviously very into 90s aesthetics and Web 1.0. i also liked Hypnospace Outlaw a lot. i have two cats. i play fighting games competitively sometimes. i have won a few small beginner tournaments and the furthest i've ever gone in a major is 4-2 at CEO 2013 for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. i hope to continue updating this website with some cool new sections this year

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