hello, here are some artworks i have made and am attached to. they are presented in chronological order starting from the oldest. these are only 'greatest hits'- i have much more art than this. if you wish to see a more thorough collection of my work, i suggest visiting my art-only tumblr (link on my home page).
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fanart of Magnus Gallant from Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber (N64, 2000) in the style of its SNES predecesor Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen (SNES, 1995). i was quite proud of it at the time and i still think it looks alright. originally posted November 2014

an original piece i made inspired by the feelings i got from listening to Soyo Oka's Pilotwings (SNES, 1991) soundtrack. it is possibly my favorite original piece. originally posted August 2017

my first proper d&d character that i got a lot of time with. a lawful-good red dragonborn paladin named Naseth Kolmostan. i also printed it out on photo paper and glued it to some cardboard which i stood up on a bottle cap to make into a sort of game piece, which you can see photos of here and here. originally posted april 2018

fanart of samus in and out of her suit. i took particular inspiration from this concept art and wanted to expunge the stupid sexualized zero suit and take more inspiration from that art. originally posted july 2018

my most popular piece on tumblr, fanart of kiryu and majima from Yakuza Kiwami (PS4, 2017), which my roommate and i had just recently gone through. originally posted december 2018

one of my most ambitious animated things at the time. i regret i didn't make it larger-res, but it has a lot of frames, so it was kind of a pain in the ass to compile as it is, and i don't know any tools that just take an entire gif and cleanly upscale them. originally posted february 2019

fanart of Marina Liteyears from Mischief Makers (N64, 1997), one of my favorite games ever, and one of my favorite character designs. originally posted August 2019

if the hang glider isn't my favorite original piece, this is. study of a photo of some japanese street fashion. originally posted march 2020

a party of playable characters from Final Fantasy 1 (NES, 1990) based somewhat on the sprites of the PS1/GBA remakes. background inspired by the backgrounds of Final Fantasy VI (SNES, 1994). originally posted month 2020

redo of an old fanart portrait of Aisha Clan-Clan from 90s anime Outlaw Star. originally posted april 2020

inspired by the portrait style of Star Fox 2 (originally SNES, unreleased until SNES Classic in 2017), visually one of my favorite games ever, i'm quite proud of how this one came out. originally posted month 2020

a redo of an old fanart portrait of Francis York Morgan from Deadly Premonition (Xbox 360, 2010), one of my favorite games ever, and posted just in time for the 10th anniversary of the game. originally posted july 2020

a really big original project that involved recently learning how to use blender and model 3d stuff! the rollerblader is an original character i made in MSPaintXP, i then placed him in a scene in blender and added trees made from stock photos of bark and leaves and exported the model as a pre-rendered 2d sprite (in much the same style as trees were presented in mid-90s 3d games such as on the N64 and PS1). i'm attached to this one because i feel like it's a pretty original concept in terms of how it's executed, and i intend to make more 2d/3d blended stuff eventually. originally posted august 2020

was in an art funk and 90s aesthetics are my comfort food, this is Mail from Falcom-developed rpg/platformer Popful Mail (various platforms in the early 90s). also took it as an excuse to practice backgrounds and animations. originally posted august 2020

a sprite of boss character Hilda from the fighting game Under Night In-Birth (various platforms, 2012-2018) (she's my main). originally posted september 2020

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