Rashid made his first (and so far, only) appearance in Street Fighter 5 in 2016 as one of the 4 newcomers available at launch. A laid-back Middle-Eastern guy who likes new technology and traveling the world.

In a nutshell

Rashid would occupy a similar niche in this version of MvC3 as in SF5, but amped up to suit the intensity of MvC3's systems. He now has an airdash and double jump, and can cancel ANY version of Whirlwind Shot into his V-Skill-esque specials.

Basic Data

Health: 900,000 (same as C. Viper, Dante, Deadpool, Hawkeye, Hsien-Ko, Nova, Sentinel, Spider-Man)
Magic Series: Stronger+ (can chain a standing Light into a crouching Light or vice-versa, then must resume normal magic series from there)
Double/Triple Jump: likely yes (double)
Air Dash: yes (2-way horizontal)
Air Dash count: 1
Minimum Damage Scaling: Normals - 10% / Specials - 10% / Hypers - 35%



Command Normals:

Special Moves:

Hyper Combos:

Misc. Thoughts:

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