Introduction to this project: hello, I am a sort-of amateur game designer who has been playing fighting games in some fashion since childhood, and actively, consciously playing them competitively with the aim to understand them and improve at them since March 2011, with the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. I have been revisiting the game lately and been pondering about its balance, as well as fantasizing about new characters I'd wish to see in it. This index holds all of those ideas.

Please know that I am not a skilled enough programmer to be planning on implementing these ideas in any actual mod of the game nor am I affiliated with Marvel or Capcom in any way. This is purely a project of design and fantasy, for fun.

This project is broadly divided into 3 sections: balance changes to the existing cast, ideas for new characters, and the smallest section is changes to the game outside of character balance and mechanics.

Existing Character Balance

New Characters

Other Changes

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